This contraption was "mowing" the plants growing in the pond outside my campsite.

What a difference a day makes. After a good night sleep, I felt really good this morning. The wind changed directions overnight and pushed me south through New Jersey. The day started off with a bit of excitement. Several miles from camp, on a country road that runs along Highpoint Park, I saw a large animal crossing a few hundred yards ahead of me and realized it was a bear. My first real bear sighting. The adult bear sauntered across the road and two cubs ran after it. Realizing it was a mama and cubs, I stopped my bicycle for a few minutes and rang my bike bell. I have heard bears are generally scared of humans unless you startle them or get between a mama and her cubs. I wanted to make sure they knew I was there and to try to get them to move on. After a few minutes, a car passed, so I figured it was probably safe. I rang my bell pretty constantly as I passed the area where they were and continued to ring it periodically for the rest of that particular road. Unfortunately, I did not get any photos of the bears. By the time I thought of it, they were gone.


Lusscrof Farm, founded in 1914 as a model dairy farm with the latest techniques and technology of the time, it is now owned by the state of New Jersey.

Navigating through New Jersey has been pretty easy so far. I have stuck to Highway 206 for the most part. It is a busy highway, but has a nice shoulder. There is a bike trail that follows 206 in places, but it is mostly a single track of gravel. With the loaded bicycle, I don’t think I can ride something like that. Even without the load, I’m not sure how my bicycle would handle it. So, I stayed on the shoulder.

Firehouse Bagel, near Branchville, NJ

With the nice weather, relatively easy terrain, and feeling rested, I really pushed myself and was able to get most of the way through New Jersey. It was the furthest I have traveled since the first day. I feel much better than I did after that first ride, though I am still pretty exhausted. I am now only about 30 miles from Pennsylvania.

A suburban lawnmower

4 thoughts on “BEARS! (June 10)

  1. re: the suburban lawnmower and other wildlife mentioned and photographed. It’s heartening to see that there are still lots of Mother Nature’s creatures around in spite of how over populated we humans are. Do you hear lots of bird’s songs as you ride along ? Esp. in the wooded areas ?
    Thank-you for sharing this wonderful trip with us. You’re getting to be a favorite subject of conversation amoungst us lobby-sitters in the afternoons. 🙂 🙂 🙂 (and at pot luck last night).


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