BEARS! (June 10)

This contraption was "mowing" the plants growing in the pond outside my campsite.

What a difference a day makes. After a good night sleep, I felt really good this morning. The wind changed directions overnight and pushed me south through New Jersey. The day started off with a bit of excitement. Several miles from camp, on a country road that runs along Highpoint Park, I saw a large animal crossing a few hundred yards ahead of me and realized it was a bear. My first real bear sighting. The adult bear sauntered across the road and two cubs ran after it. Realizing it was a mama and cubs, I stopped my bicycle for a few minutes and rang my bike bell. I have heard bears are generally scared of humans unless you startle them or get between a mama and her cubs. I wanted to make sure they knew I was there and to try to get them to move on. After a few minutes, a car passed, so I figured it was probably safe. I rang my bell pretty constantly as I passed the area where they were and continued to ring it periodically for the rest of that particular road. Unfortunately, I did not get any photos of the bears. By the time I thought of it, they were gone. Read more

Having a Day (June 9)

I just wasn’t feeling it today. It wasn’t a bad day. I was rested and felt well physically. The terrain wasn’t very difficult. The weather was nice. I have had a bit of a headwind since north of Albany. It hasn’t been too difficult to pedal against; it just slows me down a bit. Today, it was stronger and occasionally switched to the side to try to knock me off balance. I don’t think that really contributed to my mood, though. The highway I traveled was busier than what I have been on recently, but not bad.

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