I just wasn’t feeling it today. It wasn’t a bad day. I was rested and felt well physically. The terrain wasn’t very difficult. The weather was nice. I have had a bit of a headwind since north of Albany. It hasn’t been too difficult to pedal against; it just slows me down a bit. Today, it was stronger and occasionally switched to the side to try to knock me off balance. I don’t think that really contributed to my mood, though. The highway I traveled was busier than what I have been on recently, but not bad.

Just north of Port Jervis, NY, I started seeing signs with things named Deer Park, Deer Park Police, Deer Park Grocery, Deer Park Reformed Church . . . It reminded me that the Buddha gave his first sermon in a deer park in Sarnath, India. One of the principle teachings of the Buddha is that all things are impermanent and subject to change. It was a reminder that this blasé mood will pass and tomorrow will be a different day.

I did make it into New Jersey, but just barely into the northwest corner. Other than that, there is just not much to say about today.

There were a bunch of gliders at the airport north of Wurtsboro, NY.


Port Jervis, NY


At my campsite for the night.

One thought on “Having a Day (June 9)

  1. Were you in a camp ground? Or “stealth” camping again? What about when you camped at the foot of the Catskills after sunset? Was that stealth camping? I think, Brad, you’re going to have to watch out for the drivers. I don’t think automobile drivers are going to change. 😦 Good try though.


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