Cleaning. That is what I did today. Cleaning myself; cleaning my clothes, cleaning my chain. Cleaning and relaxing. I slept in, took a nap and enjoyed the shade and breeze without feeling like I had to be back on the road.

I tried the rice with cinnamon and raisins again. A little less brown sugar, a little less cinnamon, and it turned out really good. Maybe it will become a staple of my diet. The rest of the day, I snacked on junk food and beef jerky. By he time supper rolled around, I wasn’t very hungry.

I think one of my shirts bit it. When I washed it, the sweat stains turned brown. I might try to wash it again the next time I am at an actual laundromat.

Chipmunks make an awful lot of noise for such small animals. Last night, I kept hearing something running through the wooded areas of the campground. I thought it was probably a raccoon. Today, however, I see that it was just the chipmunks running across the loose leaves.

This afternoon, I hiked down to the bottom of Quechee Gorge. What better way to rest your legs than to hike down a steep cliff then back up. It looks like the sedimentary rocks along the gorge have been turned almost completely vertical. After the hike, I took another short nap.

A flower growing from the knot of a tree . . .
. . . and mushrooms growing on the side of another tree.
These ferns are everywhere in New England, although they seem to be especially large in this park.
The Quechee Gorge? That can't be right.
The Quechee Gorge.





Downstream from the Gorge

My gloves have started developing an interesting scent. If they are anything like my old gloves, that scent will eventually start to transfer onto my hands. It’s probably about time to clean them as well.

I am ready to get back on the road tomorrow. Tomorrow, I will head more south than west, so I probably won’t make it to New York until Friday or Saturday.

3 thoughts on “Cleaning (June 1)

  1. I have thought for some time I’d like to live in New Hampshire.—- Your pictures confirm it. Yes, I’d love N.H. 🙂
    Thank-you sooooooo much for doing this blog. I esp. enjoy the pictures. 🙂


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