I slept a little late this morning. I felt good packing up camp, with plenty of energy and ready to go. Then I started pedaling and immediately knew it would be a long day. I had to keep telling myself to just keep pedaling and I would get somewhere eventually. I was in no hurry and could stop anywhere I liked, but wanted someplace I could stay a couple of days. I rode about 14 miles to a convenience store and took a break for about an hour.

A tiny lumber mill.

Six miles down the road, I found a little park along the highway in Enfield, NH. It had a picnic pavilion, which made nice shade. Shade with a breeze is such a pleasant feeling. I made the mistake of laying down on a bench of one of the tables and didn’t want to get back up.

Lebanon, NH, City Hall
The New Hampshire state highway signs have the outline of "Old Man Mountain", a series of cliffs in the White Mountains that looked like a profile, until it collapsed in 2003.

I made into Vermont late in the afternoon. At a little place called Route 4 Deli, I met Joe who built up a touring bicycle, but hasn’t had a chance to do any touring yet. However, his sister used it to tour Michigan. Joe gave me same advice for a route through Vermont.

Route 4 Deli
Joe (on the left) and his friend Collin

I camped in a state park near Quechee Gorge. The Quechee Gorge was formed when a glacier pushed gravel down to the Connecticut River, creating a natural dam when the glacier receded. Eventually, the dam broke and a waterfall began to migrate up the Connecticut River and its tributaries. It Quechee, the waterfall dug a narrow trench through hard bedrock, creating the Quechee Gorge.




At camp, I met Anthony who crossed the country west to east back in 2001, then did the Pacific Coast Highway from Canada to Mexico in 2003. After talking for a while, I think he got the bug to get back on the road. Hopefully he will get the chance to do another tour soon, even if it is just a short one.

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