The place I camped last night was part of the open range. Instead of cattle in this area, there was a small heard of horses that passed nearby in the early morning hours. It was still dark out, so I couldn’t see them. I heard them moving and eating, but didn’t know what they were until one or two whinnied.



I had about a 21 mile ride downhill to the Nevada Border and the Pacific Time Zone. It’s nice to gain an hour, but it means the sun will set at about 6:30 p.m.

Garrison, UT


Nevada stop sign


I made a good distance into Nevada and stopped at an RV park. RV parks can be hit or miss for tent sites. Many at least have a lawn where people can pitch tents, even if they don’t have individually marked tent sites. This RV park, however, was all gravel.


When I was about five miles from the RV park, heavy rain began to fall east of me. I didn’t get much rain, but the wind really picked up. Since the park was all gravel, it was hard to secure my tent, and it blew over once. I was able to get it secured a little better and it held.


The wind also made it impossible to cook because I couldn’t get water boiling with my stove. Dinner ended up being beef jerky, a banana and a snickers. That’s not really enough to satiate “the hunger”, but it will have to do. The park is behind a bar, but they don’t sell any food. If the wind has died down in the morning, maybe I will try to cook some breakfast at least.

Good Night.

3 thoughts on “Pacific Time Zone (September 28)

  1. I agree, Roberta. Some of my favorite of these blogs are the ones where Brad describes the night sounds. Sharie, the joys of camping. Setting up a tent with the wind blowing ninety to nothing! 🙂


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