Plants clinging to a cliff cut out for the highway.

My air mattress sprang a leak last night. After about four hours, I woke up with gravel poking at my sides. Hopefully, I can fix it before I have to camp again.


My goal since leaving Cedar City was to get to Ely, NV and take a rest day. The place I camped last night was half way up the last ridge before Ely, so I only had five miles of climbing to do today. I didn’t have very far to ride and decided not to cook any breakfast. I had some peanut butter cheese crackers, and ate those for breakfast. Needless to say, “the hunger” hit shortly after I started riding.

I’ve made good progress over the past few days, so today was a short and relaxing day overall.

After descending into the valley, the highway turned north and ran parallel with the valley. I could see Ely from about 20 miles away. I had to watch it ever so slowly get closer for over two hours.


This area doesn't have the highest mountains in the country, but it has the most.

I think the miles from this summer are really wearing on me. I’m not really enjoying the ride right now, just trying to put in the miles and get to the west coast. Hopefully, that will be a temporary feeling.

3 thoughts on “Never Ending Valley (September 29)

  1. I can certainly understand you not enjoying the ride so much right now. You’ve been a it longer than you’d planned. I imagine you’ll get reinvigorated as you get closer to your goal. Hang in there. We’re all pulling for you !!!! 🙂
    Telling you to, ” hang in there”, reminds me of something that happened at the women’s prison. — An inmate tried to hang herself.( not an uncommon event there) The next day the warden went to visit her and see how she was doing. As the Warden was leaving she said to the inmate,” Well, hang in there.”. The officer said,” Do you realize what you just said to her ???!!!! 🙂 “.

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