A Linotype machine outside an antique shop in Dolores.

I did decide to take two rest days in Dolores. Yesterday, I napped and tried to eat a lot of protein. My legs ached so bad, I could barely get out of bed. Today, I felt much better and needed to do some chores and run some errands. While running errands, I stopped at a local rail museum showing the history of the Rio Grande Southern Railway, which ran between Durango and Ridgway.


The museum itself was not all that interesting, but outside the museum was one of the strangest railway engines I have seen. It is called the Galloping Goose. The railway was constructed in the 1890’s and by the time the depression started, it was already having severe financial hardships. Its major expense was maintaining the tracks. The head of the railway came up with the idea of converting touring sedans into rolling stock to carry passengers, mail and light freight. Basically, for about 20 years, the Rio Grande Southern ran modified busses along its route rather than standard rail engines and cars. The modified busses were called galloping geese.

The Galloping Goose. Passengers rode in front. The back could be used for passengers, mail or light freight.

2 thoughts on “Galloping Goose (September 9)

  1. Brad, re aching muscles. Take potassium pills. You’re loosing a lot of salt by sweating and potassium follows salt.

    love you Aunt Roberta


  2. Brad,
    Last spring break I backpacked the canyon lands of the Grand Staircase at Escalante. A most stop is at Escalante Outfitters Cafe. Great food and good people. I was only out there for three days, but they were a welcome treat from trail food. Sharlyn and I have enjoyed your adventure. We wish you continued success on the road to San Fransisco.

    David Peterson


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