There is something about the countryside of northwest Kansas that is very relaxing and very comforting. After I am done with this journey, maybe I will move back to the area. Probably not, but that was a thought I had today.




I have reached the part of the country where a majority of people driving the opposite direction wave. There have always been a few people who would wave, but the number has jumped sharply. I started to wave first, just so I didn’t miss anyone and look rude. I found out that, when I wave first, almost everyone waves back.



The humidity continues to drop. Even though it is hot, it really doesn’t feel bad and I don’t mind riding in this kind of heat. The sun can be a little oppressive, however. It can almost feel like something pushing down on my neck and body. I have a second bandana that I haven’t used yet. I put it under my helmet, hanging out the back and covering my neck. Even the little bit of shade provided by the bandana makes a big difference. As I continue across the country, I care less and less about what I look like while riding, especially if it helps keep me comfortable.

Cows are fascinated by me. If they are close enough to hear me pedal, they stare at me the whole time I pass.

As I passed Bird City, KS, I saw a sign for a private campground and thought I would end the day there. Unfortunately, it was out of business. I continued west, looking for a place to camp. I saw one spot that probably would have worked, but it was early and I wanted to get a few more miles in while it was daylight.




At one point on the ride, I smelled a strong odor similar to marijuana smoke. It was kind of a surprise because I wasn’t near any towns or houses. I know I’m getting closer to Colorado, but didn’t think I would be able to smell it so far away.

I ended up in St. Francis, KS for the night. I checked my elevation. I’m at almost 3400 feet, which is the highest I have been on this trip. That is several hundred feet above where I crossed the eastern continental divide and about 500 feet above the Kancamagus Pass.

It was late enough when I got to town that I decided to get a motel room. The owner of the motel also runs a rescue shelter for exotic animals and the office was full of glass enclosures for snakes and reptiles. He said he was working on getting his license to be a rescue shelter for domestic animals as well.

2 thoughts on “Everybody Wave (August 14)

  1. re: smelling marijuana. I think newly mowed alfalfa smells similar to Marijuana. Was that what you were smelling ?


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