What a name for a city. It is just so fun to say. Woonsocket. It probably has some weird New England pronunciation, but if you live in a city with a name like Woonsocket, you should pronounce it like it is spelled. Woonsocket.


Shortly before I crossed into Rhode Island, I began to climb. The climbing continued into Rhode Island . . . and continued. When I finally got to the top,


The hills for the first fifteen or so miles in Rhode Island were more aggressive than the last couple of days of Connecticut. For a little bit, I started to think that the whole country was going to be at least this bad. Even western Kansas, which has a reputation of being flat as a pancake, has rolling hills. Do I really want 4000 miles of this? Before I knew it, though, I had already gone 20 miles and it was time to eat. After lunch, everything felt better, and I rolled through another 19 miles before stopping for the night.

I’m having trouble finding paper maps. I thought it would be easy to buy maps as I went along, but since everyone uses GPS now, a lot of gas stations don’t carry maps.

4 thoughts on “Woonsocket (May 20)

  1. Brad, Sharlyn gave me the link to your blog and I’ve gone back through all of the days.
    You’re a very good correspondent. I’ve enjoyed the ride. I bike too, but not as aggressively as you.

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