I am really not a morning person. I had everything done last night, including showering. It still took two hours to get on the road, and I didn’t even have to break up camp. I am so slow to get around in the mornings. Hopefully, I can reduce that time.

My route today took me through downtown Hartford.


A very large church in downtown Hartford.
I think this is the state capital.

Hartford must be the insurance capital of the world. Every large building downtown had the name one insurance company or another on it. I was in the process of getting myself lost trying to find my way across the river when a bicycle commuter named David pulled up beside me.* He also tours and asked about my plans. When he was about to leave, he asked if I needed anything. I asked if he could tell me how to get across the river. He ended up guiding me across the river and to the highway I was going to take for the rest of the day. Thanks, David. Without you, I may still be in downtown Hartford.

After I left Hartford, this song came on the radio. It seems appropriate.

After Hartford, navigation was easy because I stayed on the same highway. It was extremely busy. For most of the distance, however, there was a nice shoulder, so it wasn’t so bad. It was almost like I had a whole lane to myself.

I don't think this is a church anymore, but I could not figure out what it is. The little clothed figure by the door is a skeleton.
The Ashford Academy. Not quite as impressive as the Taft School.

At some point, I will probably try stealth camping [finding an isolated place to camp that is not in a campground]. I have not built up my nerve yet, but I’m trying to test my eye by looking for places that would make good stealth camping spots. Tonight, I found one that would have been absolutely perfect about 3 miles from the campsite where my day ended. The potential site was in a state forest. There was a little two track roadway that looked like it is used only a couple of times a year that went up a short hill into a wooded area. I could very easily have taken the bike up that road a couple hundred feet and found a clearing for camp. Not tonight, though.

Tomorrow, I should be in Rhode Island. I had no idea it would take me almost a week to get through Connecticut. Hopefully, I will start to make better progress. I try not to focus on the miles. I will reach my goal eventually. However, I thought it would only take two weeks to get through all of New England. At the rate I’m going, I may have to reconsider where I turn west.

The experiment with dinner I wrote about a few days ago seems to be going well. I have the ingredient portions for the rice down pretty well. The only problem I am having is finding meat to go with the rice. It is hard to  find less than a pound of meat. I’m not sure if I can eat a full pound of meat for dinner.

It got dark while I was writing this. I think it is time to crawl into the tent for the evening, relax a little and get some sleep.

*Incidentally, the name of the guy running the hostel I stayed in last night was also David, which leads me to believe that all the men in Hartford are named David.

One thought on “Still in Connecticut (May 19)

  1. I didn’t know you were into such “creepy” music videos, Brad. I can’t even understand this one. Enjoyed your blog.


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