Early in the ride, I caught a trail that follows the South Platte River to downtown Denver, then another trail along the Cherry Creek out of the city. Both trails were lower than the surrounding areas, so it was kind of difficult to tell where I was. By the time I realized I was in Denver proper, I was already past downtown. It was kind of a slow ride. There are multiple trails that intersect and intertwine with each other, so I had to constantly check my phone to make sure I stayed on the right route.

The trail along the South Platte ran through a very large prairie dog colony, or possible multiple colonies close together. Once I got out of the downtown area, the Cherry Creek Trail also ran through several prairie dog colonies. It made me wonder if there are more prairie dogs in the area than people, like rats in New York City.



The South Platte trail had an unusually mix of people using it. There were of course joggers and people jut relaxing on benches along the trail. There were cyclists out for casual rides, some for training rides, and MAMILs (middle aged men in Lycra). There were also a couple of places where some homeless had set up camp.

I rode through downtown Denver during lunch hour, so the trail was awfully busy. Several miles south of downtown, the trail started going through rural areas, with suburban neighborhoods kind of spread apart. The suburban homes were huge, some as much as three stories and taking up most of the building lot. I kept trying to figure out why someone would want a home that big. Because it was a slow ride, I ended up stopping in a suburb south of Denver for the night without making much progress.

3 thoughts on “Urban Trails (August 25)

  1. I hadn’t realized the South Platte flows through Denver. Re: the large houses. I’ve often wondered that myself. Just how much house does one need!


    1. The “McMansion” era started in the 80s when families had two incomes and fewer children. It bothers me too, especially after seeing the small spaces that people in other parts of the world live in. Of course, my own house would seem huge to many people around the world, though it seems modest to us.


  2. re: prairie dogs. I watched a nature show recently about th prairie dogs. They’re essential to the health of the prairies. They aireate(sp?) and fertilize it among other benefits.They said buffalo graze in prairie dog towns when they’re available because there’s better grass there. Lots of people try to get rid of them but that’s a mistake. As is often true when we mess with nature.

    I’m enjoying My Antonia. I’d forgotten what a good book it is. πŸ™‚ Thx for reminding me. πŸ™‚

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