So much for getting an early start. I didn’t leave Clinton, IL, until a little after noon. The day was much cooler, so I didn’t really have to avoid the sun today. When this journey is over, I will remember Illinois as the state with the highways lined with blue flowers. Just about every highway in the state I have ridden down has been thick with chicory like a blue line guiding me through the state.


Today’s ride took me through Mt. Pulaski, IL. It is built on a hill, but hardly enough of a hill to call it a mount. Before the railroad skipped over the town, Mt. Pulaski was the county seat. There is a little red courthouse in the middle of town. Among the attorneys who practiced in that courthouse were Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas. Knowing how boring court appearances can be and how much wasted time there is, I can imagine Lincoln and Douglas making small talk while waiting for the judge. I wonder if they knew they would run against each other for president some day.

Mt. Pulaski Courthouse
The appropriately named town of Cornland, so small they didn't bother putting the population on the sign.
In Cornland.
A beautiful day for a ride.

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