I am going to try stealth camping tonight. I didn’t quite make it to the White Mountains. I’m about 15 miles away, just north of Brownfield, ME. I went about 50 miles and it is getting late. I feel like I progressed very slowly today. I found some snowmobile trails that went off the highway, went down one and turned onto another. I can hear the highway, but the brush is so thick, there is no way anyone from the highway can see me. Of course, the brush is so thick, I won’t be able to pitch my tent too far off the trail.

Camp for the night.

The ride today was pleasant. It was cloudy and sprinkling a little when I was packing up, but the sprinkling stopped before I left and the clouds cleared out shortly after noon. As I got further north, the terrain became more hilly, but it wasn’t too bad. The climbs were long, but gentle.




There were quite a few homes on today’s route that had lilac bushes planted near the roadway. Any kind of flowering tree or bush is nice because they give off a pleasant scent. I like to take a deep breath as I ride by. The lilacs were especially nice today.

Flowering trees and bushes are the best. Take a deep breath.

There were many campers and RVs on the roads today. That is no surprise. For the first half of the day, most of them were heading south, I assume toward the ocean. On the second half of the ride, the majority were heading north.

I thought my camera was messed up this morning. The viewfinder and the photos looked like there was a thick, brown fog. I figured it was probably just a dirty lens. Fortunately, it cleared itself up on its own by the afternoon. I’m not sure what happened.

I should fall asleep pretty quickly tonight, unless I am paranoid about getting caught by someone or some critters trying to get at my stuff. Tomorrow, I should make it into the mountains fairly easily. I’m just not sure what kind of progress I will make once I’m there.

2 thoughts on “Stealth (May 27)

  1. I find it sad that you feel guilty pitching a tent and camping peacefully in the woods. That should be a simple, harmless thing to do. I guess we have too many regulations about these things.


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