I got a late start this morning. I overslept a bit and my back tire went flat over night. I didn’t notice the flat until I was just about to start riding for the day. My tires are very puncture resistant, practically bullet proof. I would have to ride over a bed of nails to get a puncture flat. Even then, I wouldn’t bet against the tires. I half expected to get all the way across the country without a flat. I have not paid as much attention to keeping them fully inflated and think I may have gotten a pinch flat going over a pothole. That would also explain the slow leak. Checking tire pressure will have to become part of my morning routine.

Today’s ride was mostly flat, so I kept pedaling until I was tired. It was a short distance to the Maine coast, then I started riding along the coast. For the most part, I could not see the ocean. The highway was a little ways from the ocean and wooded. There were a few places the ocean was visible, or I could ride down a short road to the beach.

Haven't seen one of these in a long time. It was outside an antiques shop in Wells, ME.

I road through Kennebunkport this morning. Unfortunately, I did not see the former president. I tried to keep an eye out for him. The town surprised me a bit. It was very much a touristy coastal town.

The highway through Kennebunkport.
So much lobster (Kennebunkport, ME)
Another old cemetery outside Kennebunkport.
A yard along the highway.
Somewhere between Kennebunkport and Biddeford, ME.
The sheep have a nice view.
A simple house with a fancy garage.
Maine beaches.


I had a lobster roll for lunch, because this is Maine and it seemed like the thing to do. While it was good, I am not a big seafood fan and would have been just as happy with a cheeseburger.

After lunch, I continued along the coast. Just about every house had a sign that it was available for summer rental. Then there is Old Orchard Beach, Maine, a seaside resort with motel after motel lining the highway. Many of the motels had misleading names, like Ocean View, even though the highway was a couple of blocks from the ocean.

I road a few miles past Old Orchard Beach, then backtracked a bit. This is as far east as I will go. Tomorrow, I turn west toward San Francisco. I am debating whether to go through the White Mountains when I head back through New Hampshire. That would take me pretty far north, but it would also take me away from the more populated coastal area. It might be easier to find camping there during the holiday weekend.

2 thoughts on “Coastal Maine (May 25)

  1. Are you sure that big, white house isn’t the president’s house? Ha! Ha! Sorry about the flat. Have a good day.


  2. I remember when I went to Maine to help Cheryl after Daniel was born. Keith left on deployment. I was there over Thanksgiving and we had Maine lobster for Thanksgiving.


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