New Hampshire drivers can go to hell. There has been a steady stream of cars from Westchester County, NY all the way to Raymond, NH. I keep thinking if I keep going north, eventually I will run out of traffic, but it has not happened yet. The towns are getting smaller and further apart. There are fewer houses between the towns. Yet, the traffic keeps coming. Where is everyone coming from and where are they going? In the other states I have gone through so far, the drivers have been good about giving me plenty of room. Not so much in New Hampshire. They barely move over at all. At one point, I was riding up a hill with two lanes uphill so people could pass slow moving vehicles, like a bicycle. The left lane was empty, but drivers still would not move over.

Part of my frustration may just be that I was tired. I had trouble falling asleep last night. I tried to sleep a little later than I planned, but not by much. I also had a long day, almost 60 miles. I will have a shorter day tomorrow.

I got turned around in Lowell, MA. This song came on the radio while I got back on track. It’s kind of a light, bouncy song to cycle to.

I passed by Robert Frost’s farm along highway 102. I wasn’t expecting it. While passing through the town before it, I saw a Robert Frost Motel and wondered if he was from the area. A few miles later, and there was the farm.


Other than that, today was nondescript. It was a nice day to ride, plenty of sun. I had a little headwind, which felt kind of good because it cooled my off a bit and was not so strong to make riding difficult.

This may be the oddest strip mall I have seen. Every store was in a building that looked different from the others. It looked organic, like the buildings were built at different times, rather than planned.


A nice place for lunch break. I tried to make a peanut butter and pear burrito. It didn't taste as good as expected.

4 thoughts on “Traffic (May 23)

  1. Barry and I got a chuckle out of the first line of your blog. Sorry about the traffic. 🙂 You’ll probably encounter the same in Vermont. Well, relax into it, Brad, and stay safe. So much to see in New England. Not surprising.


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