Good morning.

Sunlight woke me up a little before six this morning. Surprisingly, I was not sore from the day before and thought I could put in another good day. After packing up, I was on the road a little after 7:00. A few miles down the road, I entered Connecticut without realizing it. I was on neighborhood streets, so there was no “Welcome to Connecticut” sign. It did not take long to realize that I was more tired than I thought. Along the “country roads” there are many large houses with huge yards. I considered asking at one if I could pitch my tent in the back yard for the night. That probably would not have worked so well.

I keep thinking that I will have a lot of extra time to kill. So far, that hasn’t been the case. Maybe it will eventually. One thing I have considered to pass the time is to knit a sweater. I can buy the yarn along the way. It won’t likely all match, but that would actually make the sweater special. Each color or slightly different tone would be a reminder of a part of the country. I found a shop, but of course it was closed on Sunday.

Bethel, CT

I cut the day in half from what I had planned and made it to just east of Danbury, CT. I was just a little too tired to continue. I probably should not have tried to ride so much yesterday. I ate lunch at a Lebanese restaurant, because when you think of Connecticut, you think of Lebanese food . . . or not. The beef shawarma was very tasty.

This truck can drive on railroad tracks.

On a side note, Google keeps trying to give me directions home. At first, it gave me cycling directions. Now it is giving driving directions. I’m less than two hours from home, but it already feels like a long way away.

I will have another short day tomorrow, so I am going to allow myself to get a late start.

2 thoughts on “Half Day (May 15)

  1. The photos are beautiful. You’ll be learning a lot of new skills and habits and that always takes time. And – – – hopefully you’ll be in good shape by the time you reach the west coast. We were gone to Tanisha’s graduation this week-end and I am not set up to get your blog on my phone. Hope today went well and can’t wait to hear more. I like your thoughts about knitting the sweater on the road.


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