Long Day (July 7)

Not sure if this meant construction the next 101 miles or 1.01 miles.

There was a headwind again today. It was not too strong, just enough to keep me dry in the 80% plus humidity. Who would choose to live somewhere with 80% humidity. Most cross-country cyclists ride from the west coast to the east coast. They say it is because of the prevailing wind. I didn’t buy it before I left. I may have been wrong. Headwinds may haunt me for the next few weeks.

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“You can’t ride your bike on the street” (July 1)

I stopped at a library on my way through Burgettstown, PA. While I was still by my bicycle, a little boy of about five or six years old yelled out, “Can I talk to you?” I said, “Sure.” He then told me I can’t ride a bicycle on the street, that I had to ride it in a park. I tried to explain that if I didn’t ride in the street, I couldn’t get to where I was going. He suggested I should get a car. “But that’s no fun,” I explained. At that point, his mother called him over to her.

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